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Apprenticeship Program

Full Sanomentology training with an extra kick up the arse!

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Do you want to be the best you can be, but find internal resistance?

We all have good intentions and make commitments to learning and changing, but sometimes we can find life distracting us, or the motivation waning.

We can put off tasks. We can lapse on practice or required exercises. And then just become less passionate or enthused.

This is down to our own desire for routine from the part of our minds that create our subjective realities, and the law of inertia.

Our mind creates our reality based on its own perceptions and beliefs. Anything that causes change within that perception or belief will cause resistance, more in some than others. The mind can then put stray thoughts or problems in the way. it will make it appear that other mundane tasks are more important, or remind you of other issues you have to deal with, delaying your progress.

Then the law of inertia can affect you. Although this is defined as physics, Newton's First Law works on the mental plane too. It defines that if an object is at rest or moving in a straight line, it will remain at rest, or in motion at a constant speed unless it is acted upon by a force.

If you begin learning, then you will continue to learn, almost insatiably unless something acts to stop you. Once you have stopped learning, you will remain in that state until something inspires you to begin once more.

Just imagine.

Just imagine how it would be different if you had someone behind you all the way.

A personal mental trainer, encouraging you and pushing you.

Someone who would hold you accountable.

Someone to be there working 1 on 1 with you to embrace the processes and absorb the trainings.

Someone who will help you every step of the way, answering your questions, guiding you, and sharing that journey of learning and change with you.

How would that be?

This is what you will get on the Apprenticeship Program.

The Sanomentology: Apprenticeship Program Is for those who want to truly dedicate themselves to change and to learning. 

It will be a strict and intense approach to Sanomentology, covering both Therapeutic Design and Magic and Miracles.

Everything that is covered in the two group programs will be delivered on a 1 on 1 basis, taking the time needed to ensure you fully understand and are able to process the information.

Tasks and exercises will be more intense to accelerate your own skills and abilities, with close monitoring and assessment.

Any blocks or resistance from the unconscious mind will be dealt with and eliminated quickly keeping you on track. 

If mental inertia is lost, then I will be there as the force to start progression forward once more.


How is it different?

Firstly as with the group programs, you will be getting some of the best training on the planet.

Take a look at the Therapeutic Design and Magic and Wizardry pages to see the differences between Sanomentology and all of the other offerings out there.

In terms of the Apprenticeship Program compared to the group sessions, you get me. My dedicated and focused attention will be on making you the best you can be.

For the period of the apprenticeship, you will have my guidance and support, and I will share all of my relevant knowledge and skillsets with you, along with delivering the processes personally to make sure you are in the best possible position to absorb them safely and effectively.

From there you can either choose to continue the personal work on a monthly basis or go on to deliver the training and share the knowledge further under the Sanomentology branding.

What will it cost me?

The Sanomentology: Apprenticeship Program costs £60,000 for a 6 month deal. After that here is a monthly option to continue with the program.


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Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design



Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles


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Sanomentology: Apprenticeship Program


Are you ready for a profound change? Then Sanomentology is perfect for you.