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Super Session

If you are fed up with wasting time, and ready to take your life back, this is for you.

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Do you want change, but quickly?

You can waste weeks, months, or even years in the therapy chair.

Desperate to resolve your issues, move forward, and take control of your life.

It can be frustrating, seeing little or no change for long periods.

What else could you be doing?

How much of your limited time are you wasting needlessly?

There is a new way

You do not need those weeks, months, or years of wasted life.

You can clear those patterns, resolve those issues, and find your way forward in ONE DAY.

Yes, I said ONE DAY!

A revolution in Therapeutic delivery.

In just 24 hours* you could be free of your patterns, your issues, your limitations, your blocks, and anything else that holds you back.

I will work with you personally and will get to the roots of your problems and issues without the need to re-experience or talk about them in great detail.

And we will reach the areas other therapies fear to explore, rooting out everything, and clearing you completely.

You can wake up the next day with a fresh outlook, a clean slate, and a way forward for the future.

*8-10 hours working plus rest periods

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But I'm a long way away?

Where you live is not an issue.

All Sanomentology sessions are extremely effective over Zoom or other video connections, and many can be accessed with recordings too for use outside of live sessions.

If you are more of a face-to-face type of person, then I am willing to travel wherever required to ensure the best possible service. Expenses will be added to the cost of the session.

So, let me ask you, what is your next excuse for continuing to suffer and to waste time?

I want my life back as soon as possible. What do I do?

The first step is to click the button below and fill in the simple form on the contact page.

We will then arrange a video call to ensure we are a match to work together, and that you are prepared to make those changes.

I will only work with those who are committed. My time and your money are valuable resources, and I don't want to waste either.

We will then mutually arrange the Super Session to help you forward.

What will it cost me?

The Super Session is currently priced at £2500 plus any travel expenses.

This includes the full Sanomentology: Recorded Audios for any future needs. After all, life happens to us all.

Change does not need time. Time is an illusion, and the belief that you need time to change is just that, a belief