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The webinar will be available on 25th June 2024 at 8pm UK time.

In this webinar:

  • You will understand why change is so difficult and what is stopping you from making it.
  • You will see why rejecting one thing, which makes change difficult, fails when you approach it purely rationally.
  • You will realize what state you are in until the age of 7 and what are the benefits and risks of being in this state.
  • Why being motivated to change isn't enough to make it happen.
  • At what levels do you function in everyday life, although you are not always aware of it?
  • What is crucial to solve problems occurring at specific levels of functioning.
  • What is the cause, that for years you don't choose effective methods that would allow you to make the change you want.
  • Why is it that so often, when you change your life after hard struggles, there is a high risk that you will run into the same problems again as before, only they will manifest themselves slightly differently?
  • What are the two types of intentions, and most manifestation techniques only allow you to work with one of them.

After this webinar

  • You will be familiar with what I call the four beasts of the apocalyptic mind, or the four beasts that keep you in survival mode and make it difficult to have the life you want.
  • You will also understand why you have not been able to free yourself from the pain that bothers you and realize your dreams using any method you have used so far.

*The webinar will have English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, German, Greek, and Chinese subtitles. When you watch just click the [cc] button to choose.


Who is hosting this webinar?

My name is Martin Rothery. I am the creator of Sanomentology. The method of working with the unconscious mind that has already helped tens of thousands of people on Earth.

Sanomentology is the result of 38 years of research and development and 10 years of providing methods for therapeutic and training purposes. I have already trained nearly 400 Sanomentologists on all 7 continents. Their work allows them to perform miracles on a daily basis.

Sanomentology helps in dealing with chronic pain. Depression. Fears and phobias. Anxiety. Mourning. Traumas. Love and sex. Business mindset. Shame. Feeling guilty. Addictions.

And yes, of course I was laughed at when I started creating my own method, disappointed by the lack of stability of the effects in the previously available approaches. But today the opinions of my clients and world awards I received speak for themselves.