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Sanomentology by Martin Rothery

Official website of the creator and main teacher of Sanomentology. A gentle and manipulation-free method of working with the unconscious mind. The method awarded for its innovation and effectiveness.

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Think logically. Just for a moment.

You have tried so many methods to deal with your pain. Physical, emotional pain. A pain that is unbearable. And they didn't help.

Doesn't this mean that there is something wrong with these methods?

You have already tried so many methods to change your life. You spent years looking at others, wondering if they had some damn secret to happiness. The secret you wanted to know so badly.

So maybe no one knows the secret to your happiness? Maybe you are hiding this secret from yourself? Deep inside you. Beyond the perception you've become accustomed to over the years.

My name is Martin Rothery.

I had been looking for a method to deal with chronic pain for years. And then with emotions, when life kept throwing new obstacles at me.

I didn't find it. Although in the meantime I became so proficient in various methods that I became a hypnotherapist myself. And I used techniques known from cognitive-behavioural therapy in my workshop. I saw the results. But they were too small. Not durable enough. Too uncertain.

And from the beginning, I was stubborn about bringing real change to myself and to my clients. So I had to get to the bottom of what connects science, the wisdom of ancient civilisations and all modern methodologies. And clean out the incredible amount of shit that had accumulated across them all.

To finally use my own hands and mind to create the method, which works. Which is giving previously impossible results. Sanomentology.


Since its creation, Sanomentology has received world awards.

And I also received them as the creator, teacher, and practitioner of this method. No, these are not rewards you have to pay for. I don't accept such things. These awards are granted by the GHP Healthcare & Pharma organization, and Corporate Livewire to people and methods that stand out for their effectiveness and innovation.


What distinguishes Sanomentology?

Sanomentology grew out of frustration and a deep desire to change the world for the better on a massive scale. It is an effect of 38 years of studying psychology, philosophy, theology, ancient civilizations, science, and nature. 38 years of simple human interest in the world around me. It has become a versatile, fast and effective tool. A tool that can help you in the way you can not yet imagine.


You don't need an analysis of your problems here. It is direct work with the unconscious mind in the state similar to night dreams.


Most methods of working with the subconscious are based on manipulation. Here we work with the consent of the unconscious.


Neglected in most methods. Or understood incorrectly as a tool to take control. Here it is crucial for both the Sanomentologist and the user of the method.


Most methods mask the symptoms of problems. Sanomentology reaches the source and also resolves side effects.


Only you can allow the problems solved with Sanomentology to come back. By listening to the people who think you should have them.


You can approach Sanomentology sessions many times and each time solve what you currently have inside you.

How can I use Sanomentology?

Watch this video and see if and how Sanomentology can help you.

Is Sanomentology for everyone?

I would love for that to be the case. I know what extraordinary possibilities this method offers. And at the same time, I realize that there are people who cannot be helped until they really allow themselves to change.

This is definitely for you when:

  • You are dealing with physical or emotional pain. You are now aware of what this pain is caused by, but you still can't get rid of it.
  • You dream of a life full of love, peace, health, joy and money. You take actions and decisions that lead to this life, but there is always something stopping you on your way.
  • You want to awaken the courage and readiness to create the life of your dreams. But you have the feeling that you can't do it, that it's not for you, that maybe it's not what you're meant to do.
  • You are fascinated by the possibilities of your mind and you want to use them to a much greater extent than before. For yourself and/or for your clients.

Do not use this method if:

  • You are completely satisfied with the life you have. You think you have no problems to solve in your mind.
  • You need control, someone to shake you and lead you on a string, otherwise you won't function. You want to give responsibility for your life to others.
  • You prefer to use dozens of opposing methods rather than focusing on your development in one comprehensive method.
  • You still believe in the words of gurus who promise you millions and great love as soon as you buy their product. You think you can solve your problems just by listening to the sessions, without taking action.

Look what people who have already tried this method say about Sanomentology.

Many experts promise you results. But tell me, have you ever seen results like this with any method?

You are only stuck because someone wants you to be stuck.

The question is: do YOU want to live like that?

Society has been conditioned by those in power to suffer. To take the cards they have been dealt and live with them. Not realising that those cards can be easily changed for better ones.

It is not in the interest of those who govern us for us to think and act independently. Education, social conditioning, and the media all work to keep us in a state of fear, lack, and suffering.

Once you break free from this conditioning, you can look at the brightness with blinking eyes, wondering in amazement at the world around you. Because in reality, it is a beautiful world. A world worth seeing with an open heart and eyes.

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You're doing it right now. Once you leave this page, you will forget about it.
Only this strange feeling that you know there is something more will still haunt you.