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The fastest and most effective method of working with the unconscious mind.

Destroy your illnesses, fears, relationship or money blocks in a quick, easy, and effective way.

Achieve the life you desire and deserve.


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There is a better way!

What have you used so far to remove mindset blocks, facilitate change, heal yourself? You surely know that you have plenty of options.

Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Coaching, Law of Attraction... And many other meaningless words to confuse your mind.

These methods work with varying degrees of success. But few of them give really real results. Sometimes it's the fault of the specialist. However, this is often due to the limitations of the method itself.

These methods only scratch the surface of the problem. So although you are delighted at first, after a while you run into another problem. Almost identical to the original one. And finally, you notice that you're not making any progress at all. You go round and round from one delusional rapture to another. All the while not solving the root problem.

I was at the point you are now.

Worse, I was a therapist who felt that after decades of studying and learning many disciplines, methods, and processes...

I still wasn't giving clients what they deserved. None of these areas had any deeper meaning or justification. It was a labyrinth where the desired effect might or might not happen.

38 years of studying psychology, philosophy, theology, ancient civilizations, science, nature. 38 years of simple human interest in the world around me. And I still couldn't help people the way I thought people should be helped.

The rest of the story was simple. I got pissed off. And I began to break down the barriers between different beliefs, ideologies and disciplines, looking for universal patterns and truths. And I found them. Somewhere in the middle.

Sanomentology was created as a result. It grew out of frustration and a deep desire to change the world for the better on a massive scale. It has become a versatile, fast and effective tool. A tool that can help you in the way you can not yet imagine.

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Have you ever wondered why you get stuck spinning your wheels, or going around in circles?

We all have our struggles in life. I’ve definitely had mine. 

Be it health, business, relationships, or just general day-to-day living.

We live in a time where we have more, can do more, and have access to more than at any time in history, yet in general, people seem to struggle more. Why is that?

Because most of what we have nowadays are just distractions. We are, by design, seekers, perceivers, experiencers, and our minds are not designed to just be distracted. Proof of this has been shown in the experiments with mice that were called the Universe 25 Experiments.

Sanomentology can help you to break out of these cycles, gain traction on your spinning wheels, and start working towards your goals or desires with purpose and passion.

The Universe 25 experiment were a series of rodent experiments that showed that even with abundant food and water, personal space is essential to prevent societal collapse. A Garden of Eden was built for the mice, with multiple nesting areas and constant sources of food and water. The only scarce resource in this microcosm was physical space, it was only a matter of time before this caused trouble in paradise.

The population density began to peak nearly a year in when the population growth abruptly and dramatically slowed. Animals became increasingly violent, developed abnormal sexual behaviours, and began neglecting or even attacking their own pups. This breakdown of social order was termed a “behavioural sink.”

Eventually Universe 25 took another disturbing turn. Mice born into the chaos couldn’t form normal social bonds or engage in complex social behaviours such as courtship, mating, and pup-rearing. Instead of interacting with their peers, males compulsively groomed themselves; females stopped getting pregnant. Effectively, they became “trapped in an infantile state of early development,” even when removed from Universe 25 and introduced to “normal” mice. Ultimately, the colony died out.

What can you expect?

That I’ll give you my knowledge and work with you to open your mind and broaden your horizons. What you do with it is up to you. Your success or failure using the tools and techniques, and your use of the knowledge and skills, will require work from you.

Quick fixes and false promises are not the ways of Sanomentology. But if you do the work and implement the knowledge, then the results you can expect can be no less than miraculous.

This can open a whole new life for you.

Client Sessions can improve:

  • Health.
  • Quality of Life.
  • Clarity and Focus in Business.
  • Family/Personal Relationships.
  • Mental State.
  • Manifestation of Dreams.

Training Lessons can lead to:

  • New and improved outlook on life.
  • A potential new business as a Sanomentologist.
  • New and powerful tools to use in an existing business.
  • Giving your clients real effects, not just superficial ones.

Who is the man behind Sanomentology?


My name is Martin Rothery. I have had a keen interest in the field of psychology and philosophy since the age of 10 years old. For the last 38 years I have absorbed and researched knowledge from many sources around the world, ancient and modern. I began to see the patterns and started working in the field of therapy in 2013, and began to develop the Therapeutic Design element of the Sanomentology program.  

At the same time, I was looking for answers in a deeper field of study than the accepted psychology field, studying the universe and reality, and found a deeper way that led to the Magic and Miracles program.

I have been called a wizard, a sorcerer, and a mage. I’ve also been called a fair few less savoury names. Because I am a catalyst for change, and change is not everyone's cup of tea.

I am a seeker of knowledge, a thinker, and an adventurer in this journey we call life.

So far on this journey I have trained over 385 delegates in my methods, and worked with thousands of clients.

To understand more about me, it is worth a read of this story from my younger years…..

What do my past trainees and clients think about Sanomentology?

You are only stuck because "They" want you to be stuck.

Society has been conditioned by those in power to suffer, to take the cards they have been dealt and live with them, not realising that those cards can be easily changed for better ones.

It is not in the interest of those who govern us for us to think and act independently. Education, social conditioning, and the media all work to keep us in a state of fear, lack, and suffering.

Once you break free from this conditioning, you can look at the brightness with blinking eyes, wondering in amazement at the world around you. Because in reality, it is a beautiful world.

The Sanomentology program is not for everyone.

It is only for those who want change, in themselves, and in their world, and for those who want to facilitate that change in a greater way. If you are happy with your life and have no desire to seek the brightness of that freedom of thought and action, then by all means, enjoy yourselves in whatever you do.

BUT, if you know there is more, and seek the answers. If you feel something is not quite as it should be in your life. If you feel you deserve so much more, and strive to find it, then Sanomentology is the program that will help you get there.

You decide who you want to be.

Check what can lead you to your change.