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Magic and Miracles

Do you seek answers to the big questions in life? 


Do you want to create real, powerful change for yourself and your clients,?


Are you curious about the world around us?

Do you wonder about life's mysteries?

Do you wish to see past the illusion of your own subjective reality?

And would you like to be able to change the subjective realities for yourself and your clients?

You are one decision away from changing your entire future.

A future where you can make a difference.

A future where you can change both your own life, and the lives of those around you.

A future where you are in control.

A future where you can make sense of the world around you

A future where you can be the author rather than a character.

What if....?

What if you were able to have a deeper understanding of the concept of the Law of Attraction?

What if you could use that knowledge to not only resolve issues but change the very reality that sustains them?

What if you could open your mind to the limitless and boundless realms of unmanifested possibilities?

What if you could have the life of your dreams and desires, almost effortlessly?

What if.........?

These are just a fraction of the possibilities as a result of the Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles program

Today's many trainings on the market will give you techniques, protocols, processes, and methods to instigate change.

Some are better than others. Some work with some people and not others. And some are just repeated ideas with a twist.

Not here!

Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles will not just give you the methods and techniques, but will also give you the theoretical and practical reasoning behind them.

This will give you a complete understanding of why, not just Sanomentology, but everything works.

This knowledge, and its accompanying processes, will give you a complete set of tools for change, magic, manifestation, and much,

This course is the most in-depth, complete, and comprehensive program on the planet for working in the world of therapy, magic, coaching, and change work.


How is it different to all the other stuff out there?

As with Therapeutic Design, my instant response is that it's not regurgitated stuff with a twist of personal opinion placed inside it.

I have spent decades researching the realms of science, religion, ancient cultures, philosophy, and general human interest.

The teachings within the Magic and Miracles program have been created from a blend of them all, breaking down the barriers formed between the different disciplines and finding out the common "truth" that lies between them all.

No more hunting for the middle ground, or filtering out the contradictory information between different ideas. The Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles brings it all together in a series of practical and theoretical ideas that explain everything in a harmonious and congruent manner. 

OK, I’m interested. What is involved?

All of this training is delivered either live via Zoom, or via recorded programs, allowing you to learn and refresh at your own pace. Additionally to this, there are comprehensive notes for each training session. This gives you both the theory and practical information in an easy-to-use format.

Everything you need to create massive change is contained within this program. So you can eliminate the need for wasting money on other trainings.

But this is serious training. It has the potential to help you to do great things. However, it will require dedication and commitment on your part. The exercises and tasks are important to focus on. there are no shortcuts. 

There is also Facebook Support group where you can interact, practice, and get advice from other „miracle-makers in training”, so you never need to feel lost or alone with any struggles or issues.

But what is in the training?

OIG (56)
  • A set of all-new protocols that are even more powerful and faster than the Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design protocols (value: priceless)
  • Theory modules explaining the workings of what we perceive as magic in the universe (value: £999)
  • A set of quests to increase your power as a performer of what others would call miracles (value: £999)
  • A series of developer-led training sessions to unleash your full potential (value: £12,000)
  • All contents of the Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design training (next training on September 13th!) (value £3999)
  • All Sanomentology: Recordings content, sessions that will change your reality (value £999)

This means you are buying the full £18,996+ package you need to heal your past and become a Sanomentologist using the latest protocols available!

What will it cost me?

Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles training is just £6000.



What do my current students think about this training?

Why should I buy from you?

As a child I was a massive fan of adventures films, with Indiana Jones being one of my early favourites.

I remember being so enthralled with the magic, the adventure, the quest for truth and knowledge, I actually wanted to be an archaeologist at the time.

My love for adventure never changed, but then as I grew older, I realised that all of these explorers and adventurers seeking magic and wisdom were searching in the wrong place.

The Lara's, Indiana's, Alice's, and the many other movie and book characters only had to go inside to find the greatest adventure and most powerful magic of all.

Because that is where it all lies. Inside you. All you need to do is release it.

And that is where I have perfected this training, to give you the opportunity and methods to realise and release this innate power.

All of my work is carefully researched, assessed, tested, and adapted as needed, to bring you the best tools and theories on the market to date. You do not need to look for other courses, or spend time and money investing in further protocols and methods. 

It is all included here, in one easy-to-learn package, based upon my own experiences and manifestation, and the experiences and miracles my clients and past trainees have manifested themselves. 

Am I ready for magic?

You tell me…..

If you are closed minded and set in your ways, with a completely logical mind that believes the world you see, and do not want to change that, then maybe not.


If you are open-minded and want answers, yes, it’s for you.

If you want to change the world around you, yes, it’s for you.

If you have passion, yes, it’s for you

If you want to break out of the cave we all live in, yes,  it’s for you.

Even the fact you have got this far in reading this page, YES, it is for you.

Sanomentology will take you to the next level of living.