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Have you ever felt like you had supernatural abilities?

Or maybe you just have an inkling that these skills might be real?

Join an extraordinary adventure led by the creator of the world-award-winning method of working with an unconscious mind. An adventure that aims to explain these skills. And awaken them in you to a level that seems impossible.


People experience paranormal abilities every day.

Unfortunately, they are usually seen as nothing more than crazy. People who don't believe in "such things" laugh at them, considering themselves the only rational ones around. Unfortunately, mockers do not know that they are falling into one of two traps of rationalism.

These little magical events you experience don't mean you're crazy. You're not abnormal. You just have a natural gift and access to something amazing.

I get it, maybe you feel different. Weird. Atypical. But what if this uniqueness is your strength? What if what you've been sensing for years is just around the corner? What if it's enough to reveal just a little of the secrets hidden within you? What if it’s enough to understand them better than ever before?

Why do mockers laugh at psychic abilities?

They may do this for two reasons. Interestingly, each of these reasons is related to what in psychology is called a cognitive distortion. One of these two distortions is overgeneralization. And the second one? Abuse of imperatives.


People who overgeneralize have never experienced paranormal phenomena. And because they tend to believe only what they have experienced, they believe that no one else has experienced them. Also you. Think about it, would you treat seriously people who are not good at math so they say no one is?


In turn, people who abuse imperatives have experienced what you have experienced or something else from the range of anomalous phenomena. But they cannot explain them, they do not accept this ability in themselves, they believe that they should not have it. So they also think that others shouldn't.

And just think. Throughout your life you are surrounded by people you consider rational. What if they are wrong? After all, they use cognitive distortions. They don't see the whole picture. They also just try to figure out what reality looks like.

Does this mean that you can confidently set out to acquire or develop paranormal skills?

Yes and no. Because before you even start learning them, there are three obstacles in your way. And none of them are easy to overcome.


The mockers I mentioned earlier are still outnumbered in society. Many of them were your role models when you were children. Numbers and importance. It makes you keep fighting in your head and heart about what to believe. Without getting rid of limiting beliefs, you will not develop your gifts effectively. You will continue to experience only momentary successes.


The matter seems simple. I'm curious about telepathy? I'm learning from a telepath. I want to have the power to heal with touch? This man says he does this, so he will be my master. That’s obvious. Unfortunately, just because someone has such a gift doesn't mean they can teach it. Moreover, the fact that he claims to have a gift does not mean that it is true.


There are many advertisements on the Internet run by large corporations and celebrities with huge advertising budgets. They sell cheap products, promising miracles. And they want to sell these cheap products on a mass scale. Not the effects. And they have such authority that you don't even verify the opinions people leave for them.

What if you could develop your skills under the supervision of someone who has already gained serious world awards for providing innovation and change?

My name is Martin Rothery. I am the creator of Sanomentology. The method of working with the unconscious mind that has already helped tens of thousands of people around the world.

I have already trained 380 Sanomentologists on all 7 continents. Their work allows them to perform miracles on a daily basis. And when creating it, I focused solely on therapeutic applications.

Sanomentology helps in dealing with chronic pain. Depression. Fears and phobias. Anxiety. Mourning. Traumas. Love and sex. Business mindset. Shame. Feeling guilty. Addictions.

And yes, of course I was laughed at when I started creating my own method, disappointed by the lack of stability of the effects in the previously available approaches. But today the opinions of my clients speak for themselves.


Just check it out if you haven't seen them yet.

These are testimonials from people I have helped using Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design.

OIG (56)

And I could have stopped there

I did a good job, I could rest.

But at the same time, every day I noticed how great the possibilities are of the unconscious mind when approached in a way consistent with the ethics of Sanomentology.

And I asked myself a question. “Can we go further into the unknown? I've been made fun of before and they were wrong. If this question arises in my mind, can I say no? Or does this mean that... we should move on?”.

I didn't have to wait long for an answer. My students, Sanomentologists, gave it to me. Ready to follow this concept with me far beyond the limits of the knowable.

I hid the Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles course from the world until I saw the effects.

Today I can invite you to this extraordinary journey under my guidance. Let me tell you what makes this training unique. You know what first of all? No promises.

And what are you thinking now? A course without promises? Who will buy it? You’re right and you’re wrong. Because this is not the most important thing to me. What I care about is my credibility. And I didn’t get it by making promises too soon.

I can make promises at Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design. The course that has been tested by 380 students. And bringing results both to them and their clients.

I can promise them in Sanomentology: Recordings. Because I have already helped 10,000 people achieve the impossible with Sanomentology from a therapeutic perspective.


I have been developing Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles for a year.

What I do know is what psychic abilities some Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles students have already developed. I have a simple list. What do I have there?


The ability to transmit thoughts, feelings, sensations and sensory images at the mental level


The ability to perceive people, objects and events distant in time and space. Seeing the future.


The ability to change the weather… Or maybe rather to change the reality we are in?


Also called xylokinesis or agrokinesis. Influencing the condition of plants.


Control over the passage of time. The ability to stop time.


Also called ergokinesis. Understood as controlling the energy of the body.


The ability to control one's health, slowing down the aging process.


Unlocking or increasing the effectiveness of the ability to attract desired events and favourable people.


Control over the DNA code, anatomy and internal processes of the body.

So I know that these so-called anomalous mental phenomena become normal for participants who take this course seriously. Sometimes it is difficult for them to believe that something they have experienced may seem strange to outsiders.


What else is certain for me?

I also know that even Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design, which to me seems like a set of quite logical therapeutic processes, is treated as magic by many. Why? Because it gives extraordinary effects, previously unavailable to humanity in such a repeatable and reliable way.

And I know that in Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles I go even further into the world of quantum physics, adding my knowledge of ancient cultures and experience. I put into this program what I have to offer the world. And there is really, really a lot of it.

So will you develop such skills? I don't know yet.

It certainly depends on whether you perform the exercises reliably, which at first seem like nonsense. Because it's all in your mind. In this course, my mind stimulates yours to develop.

The group of daredevils who have already joined this course have no complaints. And I'm not complaining either, because I take part in this program both as a host and a participant. And this program changed a lot in my life and me.

What's included in the Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles course so far?

Here you will find a list of lessons. Check what unusual paths your journey beyond the limits of your mind's current capabilities can take. Especially when you delve into the world of quantum physics and ancient cultures.





What is magic? Does it conflict with science? A modern version of plato's cave and how many “gurus” are just moving people from one cave to another. An introduction to the consciousness wave and its ripples through reality.



Stripping away the illusions of self, and splitting our different levels of consciousness in this reality into working parts. here we take a journey across the levels.



A lesson about our journey, the difference between knowledge and power, and about the four enemies (Fear, Clarity, Power, and Death)we face along the way, and how we overcome them.



Here we go into more detail about the consciousness wave, and how different waves work together. We bring them into the 7 Hermetic laws to show how they work and impact reality.



What are we beyond the physical self? An intro into the zones of will, reason, and the communicators of talking, seeing, feeling and dreaming.



Reason, Will, and the communicators as The rings of power. An in depth description of the zones, alongside the idea of the manifested and unmanifested realities.





We start this module with adapting the therapeutic design element of Mind Mediation to work with Reason and WIll, and work on a practical session to bring the rings of power into alignment.



We look at raising the vibration of the consciousness wave, to give it more power by operating through love. In this lesson we also introduce a working environment for future work outside of this reality. This is The Tower. A personal and private place to work on yourself outside of the physical world.



This is a practical lesson, reinforcing the tower, and using it to work on self belief and confidence at the higher levels in context of magic and miracles.



This lesson uses the tower to focus on cleaning the lines of communication from the elements of talking, seeing, feeling, and dreaming. It will then create more powerful intent and clearer intuition.



Here we use the tower to deal with the fears, blockages, and limitations a person has inside that holds them back from their potential, and then continue to strengthen the power of intent.



Here we use the tower to raise the vibration of the consciousness wave even further, while at the same time building resilience, broadening our connection to the universe, and everything in it.



Here we look at accessing the raw knowledge of the universe, as well as promoting the healing of our physical selves. We discuss the idea of the divine particle, the concepts of the science of imagery, and look at protecting ourselves from the negative energies that seek to derail us.



Focus is important in magic work, and this session gives a practical exercise to work on building the ability to focus. We also visit the tower to do some general cleaning, and a check on any problems or issues that are present that will hold us back.



Here we look at the consciousness wave in more detail, and see how different peoples waves impact with each other. This forms the key idea behind putting spells or curses on people. we then clear any past negative elements that affect our wave.



Here we look at the waves of those around us, and work on them and our own to build the strength and resilience of our waves. We also work on our Ethos to ensure we have no detrimental elements at the highest level (Karma?) holding us back.



We introduce the concept of the unmanifested realities here, and look at ways in principle to bring them into the manifested reality. This is the first step in a much longer process to be bought into a later module.



We end this module by working on the importance of action and intention working together, and finalize the sessions in the tower for this module with a declaration that speaks across the full scope of universal consciousness to acknowledge our place in it, our potential, and our power.

You expect me to encourage you to join Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles now, right?

I do not. I know that this course will be mainly joined by people who already know me and use my method.

I'll tell you more. You need to be at a high level of self-healing to reap the benefits of such a course. No one has told you that before, right? Well, I wonder why. Work it out in your heart, adept.

That's why I offer Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles exclusively as a package with Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design. Trained Sanomentologists already understand how much can be achieved by taking a Sanomentological approach to the unconscious mind. Thanks to the specificity of Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design training, they are already very far in their own recovery process.


You can join the Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles course in two ways.

Both are available exclusively to my Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design students. Both provide you (at the end) with the same process.



Select this option if you do not have Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design yet. By purchasing this package straight away you save £1,000. In this package, you will first become a Sanomentologist yourself and you will have the opportunity to help others with this method. You will complete the Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles course after completing the first training.

I’m investing £8000 in 3 comprehensive trainings.



Select this option if you are already a Sanomentologist trained by me. Which means that you have a certificate from me and you have already completed the Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design training. There are no savings in this package. But you can start the course immediately after joining. Recordings of all previous meetings are available on the platform. You will quickly catch up.

I’m investing £3000 in a Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles training.

Just see, cause it’s really simple.

Why shouldn't you develop skills that defy logic when so many people have done it before you? Just look at some of the opinions of people who have already joined Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles. And don't tell yourself it's impossible. It is possible. You just need to start and simply do it.

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So is Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles course made for you?

Not necessarily. I create it with a specific group of people in mind.


  • You already know the power of Sanomentology in terms of therapy and me. You know what my approach is and what results I give.
  • You are ready to go with me beyond the boundaries of what has been known so far. And discover your extraordinary potential with me.


  • You have no intention of doing the exercises, you just want to listen to the theory and sessions.
  • You don't appreciate honesty. You still believe in overpromising celebrities and large corporations.
  • You are not interested in awakening your paranormal abilities.

So what does that all mean?

Today you can take one course aimed at awakening paranormal abilities, created by the author of the world-award-winning method of working with the human unconscious.

You want to awaken a gift considered paranormal or increase your ability to use it? This is your only opportunity to benefit from my guidance and knowledge for this purpose.

You can also join Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design or even one of Sanomentology: Recordings courses. You will see what extraordinary results Sanomentology will bring you when dealing with your biggest problem. And you will decide whether you want to continue your journey with it.

Are you joining Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles today?

It might look like this:

  • You are joining the course today. Maybe your hands are shaking. Maybe you have high hopes. But you try to calm them down.
  • For the next few months, you only have one eye on Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles. And in the meantime, you gain knowledge about the therapeutic basics of Sanomentology. And you manage to cleanse what prevents you from creating a happy life.
  • You become a Sanomentologist. You feel proud and happy. You can help people. Along the way, you almost forget that you have also joined this course.
  • Until one day you remember it. As if it was lying dusty on a shelf. So you blow away the dust of oblivion. You enter the course with curiosity and greater peace of mind.
  • The lessons in Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles are different. Instead of therapeutic explanations, you see in the first lessons a theory supported by the science of quantum physics.
  • You go through the lessons, do the exercises, and over time the course becomes more and more practical. You also experience the completely new set of sessions.
  • You experience phenomena in your life that escape simple explanations. Life turns into an adventure where you follow the results with excitement.
  • You already know what science says about such phenomena. You don't doubt it. You simply accept what others find impossible to explain.

So what do you choose? It only depends on you. Choose your path, adept. Expect miracles on it. And experience them. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Immediately after purchase. The system will automatically send you a login and password to the platform and grant access to the course. The course is under construction, so new lessons will be added. Module three is under development and you will have access to it when it is ready. Only optional additional extensions that I may create in the future will be separate and separately paid courses.
Of course. Just write to me after purchase and provide your details.
Yes, you will receive it when you complete all lessons and test tasks.
Unfortunately, I cannot offer you this option. UK clients can apply for credit via paypal at the payment page. For my global followers, if you really care about the exchange rate and you don't have that kind of cash at your disposal at the moment, it's worth going to your bank and checking your credit options.
No. This requires demonstrating a deep understanding of the theories behind the training and crystal clear intentions. So far, only I can teach Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles. Perhaps I will authorize a few people to do this in the future.
No, as I say above, to benefit from such training and actually see results, you must be at a high level of healing your own patterns and social conditioning. That's why I only offer this course as a package with Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design. Only if you are already a Sanomentologist, you can purchase the expansion for Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles.