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About Sanomentology

What's it all about, really?

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What would it be like if.....?

What would it be like if you could:

  • Resolve the issues that hold you back?
  • Get rid of the chronic physical or emotional pain for good?
  • Remove the programs that no longer serve you?
  • Settle the issues of the past and move forward with a clear mind?
  • Value yourself fully?
  • Understand why you struggle?
  • Gain clarity and be able to make clear decisions?
  • Move forward towards your goals and dreams with confidence?

These are just a few of the things you could do by working with Sanomentology.

But how?

Sanomentology works in a gentle but firm way to reach the deepest parts of a persons mind.

From a psychological point of view, Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design understands and acknowledges that all issue were initially created by the unconscious mind, therefore, logically, the unconscious mind know how to "uncreate" them. The processes involve placing the mind into the right state, at the right level, and then giving the mind the freedom, permission, and respect to do the work needed.

A great analogy to explain what i mean here is that of the states of water.

You have more in common with water than you think......Not just density.

At low energy state, or low vibration, water is ice. This can represent our physical form.  At this level, changes to size and shape are limited.

At a higher energy or vibrational state, water becomes liquid. This represents our mental form.  It is fluid and will mold to fit it's physical container.

Then, at an even higher energy or vibrational level water turns to steam, or gas. This represents our spirit. This will expand to fill as much space as it's allowed to fill.

If ice breaks, it must rise to the water level (mental) to repair. Liquid (mental) must raise to gas (spirit) to purify. But if poison is added to the gas, the liquid will be bad. And if the liquid is impure or at a negative form, so will the physical form of ice.

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The same with us, to fix the physical we must rise to the mental, and to fix the mental we must rise to the spiritual. If these are not healed then the lower energy forms, spiritual>mental and mental>physical will be damaged.

Harmony must exist at all levels, with the higher working to repair the lower.

Sanomentology will work across whatever levels are required to deal with the issues at the levels below.

From a more open-minded approach, the Sanomentology: Magic and Miracles program will take the issues to the level of powers of Will and Reason, and use the energies and power inside to change the very reality of the situation to one where the problem doesn't exist.

This approach would explain the common, unique perspective of clients who have been through Sanomentology sessions not being able to recall the issues in any solid clarity. They quickly forget how dilapidating their issues were previously, as their whole perspective has changed to one where the problem never existed.

What is Sanomentology?

Sanomentology is a perfect blend of therapeutic processes, and accompanying theories, breaking down the barriers between Psychology, Philosophy, Science, and Theology.

Sanomentology was born from an evolution in a series of therapeutic processes. The word comes from the Latin word Sano (to make whole and restore), Mente (of the mind), and Ology (the study and research of).

The original logo for Sanomentology incorporated the Greek letters Σ and μ. Coincidentally (or not) these represent "the sum of" and "micro" which has fitted in as many of the processes look at the multitude of small things that accumulate to create bigger issues.


What makes Sanomentology different from other methods?


CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the commonly accepted process for many issues. However it involves talking about the causes and event involved, which can be traumatic, and CBT will often only resolve the last events, not the root causes.

Sanomentology doesn't require you to discuss any events, and will reach to the roots of the problem.


Counseling is a very conscious process and again involves discussing the issues and causes. Because it is conscious, then the facts can be misconstrued and resolution is unlikely to work effectively or long term at this level.

Sanomentology will go as deep as is needed without the long discussions, and resolve the issues from the root.


Hypnotherapy can have its limitations due to conscious resistance from the client and to the skills and knowledge of the therapist. Most hypnotherapy relies on the therapist providing the solution in the form of suggestions.

Sanomentology uses some principles of hypnotherapy, however is not reliant upon the bypass of the conscious mind, and allows the client to find the solutions.


NLP is a very manipulative process, reprogramming the brain through clever use of language and cues.

As with any programming, it can easily be undone, and again, the solutions are those of the therapist, not the client.

Sanomentology is about letting the client reprogram their own minds and their own realities into one they create, therefore is more likely to have long term results.


Reiki and other forms of energy healing are all based on the idea of energy being transferred through the healer's hands. Some Reiki Practitioners will also use crystals and other tools to help them.

This is based upon the belief and intent of the therapist and client, something covered in-depth in the Sanomentology training. With Sanomentology you can achieve the same effects with understanding and purpose, just by using the spoken protocols.

Other Modalities

Nearly all of the modalities, ideas, and belief systems used in modern natural healing bring in an element of what I call the Reality Frequency Equation. This is a formula I created to calculate the chances of change happening, either spontaneously, or by using a set method.

With this formula, and using Sanomentology, you can ensure the best possible outcome for the change requested within yourself and your client.

What happens in a session?

That depends entirely on the issue.

For simple chronic pain or anxiety, for example, the session will generally require a simple negotiation with the unconscious mind, followed by a brief journey into the next level of consciousness to have a quick symbolic experience to resolve the underlying issue and delete the program that causes it.

If there is deeper trauma for example, then from this state we go to higher ones, using the dream architecture and a series of processes designed to help you on the journey. Then you enter the next level of "dreaming" where you will begin to deal with elements from your life that are unresolved or are retaining unwanted emotional baggage. These sessions become more direct in their purpose the higher up the levels of consciousness we go.

If you are more open-minded to Magic and Miracles, then can we take this process to a deeper level of working with your "Rings of Power", Reason and Will. These can help to change realities by bringing unmanifest realities into the manifested.

During these sessions, both the psychological ones from Therapeutic Design and the deeper ones from Magic and Miracles, you will often find more than just the original issue becomes resolved, as many issues are often links together with a common root cause.


How can I use this method?

You have two options for using this method to help yourself forward in life.

You can either book in for 1 on 1 sessions with me, or you can purchase my set of Sanomentology Recorded Audios.

How can I learn this method?

You can learn the method easily. Choose the level you wish you learn, either Therapeutic Design or Magic and Wizardry, then click on the picture below to find out more, or the buttons to purchase the training.

If havent found the answers, or wish to know more, feel free to contact me here with any questions

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