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What is Sanomentology?

Sanomentology is a perfect blend of therapeutic processes, and accompanying theories, breaking down the barriers between Psychology, Philosophy, Science, and Theology.

It is a method of communication with the entire spectrum of consciousness. A method that allows you to stimulate your body and mind to heal and repair. To change behaviour patterns that were encoded in you a long time ago. And awakening dormant skills that humanity has forgotten for millennia.

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What does your consciousness consist of?

Imagine it like this.

Every day you function in the world of your own thoughts, words and actions. In the world of logic. And you think that's all. That there is nothing more. And this has nothing to do with reality.

Because very often you behave in ways that you cannot understand logically. And your body works similarly. Producing reactions that are not always understandable to both you and doctors.

Beneath what you see lies the world of the unconscious.

The world of your dreams and emotions. A world of hidden motivations that you often don't realize. Habitual reactions and behaviors acting like computer programs. Programs designed to keep you alive and in the best possible condition.

But these programs do not lead you to the life you want. Why? Because they were created to solve problems you are able to resolve now in more healthy way. And you just don't understand the connection between the problem and the solution. So instead of focusing on solving the root problems, you focus on dealing with solutions that no longer serve you.


But there is more.

And the description of this part appears in all philosophies and religions. There is a part of you that is here for the pure joy of experience. Perhaps even to experience what lies beyond our physical perception. The part that doesn't react but creates. A part with almost divine properties.

Religions will call this part the soul. Psychology tends to call this part superconsciousness. Quantum physics calls it quantum consciousness. And generally it is simply called life force.

Most methods of working with human consciousness work selectively.

They focus on either working with the conscious mind, the unconscious mind, or the superconscious mind. And this leads you astray. Because you are whole. You can't rip out a part of you and pretend it's not there.

Meanwhile, most methods try to solve your problems this way. Instead of treating you exactly the way you deserve. As a complete being.


In the world of methods promising change, the situation is even worse.

Experts not only work with you selectively, but also manipulate you. And themselves. Because that's what they were taught when they learned their method.

The deeper I delved into various methods, the more limits I saw in them. Limits placed on people who often have good intentions and really want to help you. But they believed blindly in some method designed to control. Not to help in the long run.

Sanomentology was created out of opposition to manipulation and limits.

As a hypnotherapist who uses knowledge from the field of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy in his work, I have hit these limits myself over the decades of my work with clients. I saw that even though I was achieving better results with them than most specialists in my industry, after some period of time they still returned to old problems.

But my stubborn mind wouldn't let me settle for what I knew. As long as I have lived, I have been searching for what lies beneath all methods. What unites what is effective and good in them. And what disturbs my clients when it comes to the quickness, efficiency and durability of work results.

Sanomentology was created as a result of these decades of research. Cleansed of manipulation and violence. Filled with respect for the entire spectrum of consciousness. Combining what was the source of contemporary methods with modern scientific achievements. Created to push past barriers of what we think is possible.

Since its creation, Sanomentology has received important awards.

And I also received them as the creator, teacher and practitioner of this method. No, these are not rewards you have to pay for. I don't accept such things. These awards are granted by the GHP Healthcare & Pharma organization and Corporate Livewire to people and methods that stand out for their effectiveness and innovation.


What can you do with Sanomentology?

Get rid of chronic physical and emotional pain for good.
Turn off what blocks you from achieving your goals in your mindset.
Deal with fears, phobias, anxiety and depression.
End the mental causes that lead to addictions.
Manage your body weight by working directly with the eating and movement patterns encoded in your mind.
Close down on constantly played reactions to trauma and PTSD.
Transit gently through grief after loss.
Improve the quality of relationships and sex life.
Accelerate the learning of new skills.
Awake the joy of life, regardless of what is happening in it.
Manifest ethically, take inspired actions and focus on win-win solutions.


Do you need any special skills to use Sanomentology sessions?

No. There is no need for analysis, long conversations or reliving unpleasant events in your life. In practice, all you need to do is close your eyes and let the Sanomentologist's voice guide you.

All you need is your own decision to finally deal with the problem you are approaching the session with. Your determination to use the sessions as directed. And your openness to try this method. And maybe soon make it a permanent part of your life as you use it to deal with any problem life throws at you.

Sanomentology has already helped thousands of people around the world.

People who have often lost hope in solving their problems. You will also meet its practitioners on all continents of the globe. In this way, I fulfill my mission to leave the world a better place.



Human Beings and animals helped by Sanomentology



practicing Sanomentologists around the world



continents to which Sanomentology has reached

Do you want to take part in this revolution and become a Sanomentologist?

You can learn this method no matter where in the world you are. Maybe to start a new career. Or maybe to help your clients better. Because the methods you're using aren't giving you the effects you want. Because you want durable and reliable results.

Do you want to see some recommendations?

Let people who have already undergone Sanomentological training tell you about the quality of them.

Or maybe you want to discover what possibilities lie in your mind?

You can embark on an extraordinary Sanomentological journey for brave explorers of their own mind. This journey is available only to Sanomentologists trained by the author of the method. But you can order access to it together with Sanomentology training.


Quick comparison with other methods.

This will show you in which areas other methods fail, but Sanomentology does great.


CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the commonly accepted process for many issues. However it involves talking about the causes and event involved, which can be traumatic, and CBT will often only resolve the last events, not the root causes.

Sanomentology doesn't require you to discuss any events, and will reach to the roots of the problem.


Counseling is a very conscious process and again involves discussing the issues and causes. Because it is conscious, then the facts can be misconstrued and resolution is unlikely to work effectively or long term at this level.

Sanomentology will go as deep as is needed without the long discussions, and resolve the issues from the root.


Hypnotherapy can have its limitations due to conscious resistance from the client and to the skills and knowledge of the therapist. Most hypnotherapy relies on the therapist providing the solution in the form of suggestions.

Sanomentology uses some principles of hypnotherapy, however is not reliant upon the bypass of the conscious mind, and allows the client to find the solutions.


NLP is a very manipulative process, reprogramming the brain through clever use of language and cues.

As with any programming, it can easily be undone, and again, the solutions are those of the therapist, not the client.

Sanomentology is about letting the client reprogram their own minds and their own realities into one they create, therefore is more likely to have long term results.


Reiki and other forms of energy healing are all based on the idea of energy being transferred through the healer's hands. Some Reiki Practitioners will also use crystals and other tools to help them.

This is based upon the belief and intent of the therapist and client, something covered in-depth in the Sanomentology training. With Sanomentology you can achieve the same effects with understanding and purpose, just by using the spoken protocols


Nearly all of the modalities, ideas, and belief systems used in modern natural healing bring in an element of what I call the Reality Frequency Equation. This is a formula I created to calculate the chances of change happening, either spontaneously, or by using a set method.

With this formula, and using Sanomentology, you can ensure the best possible outcome for the change requested within yourself and your client

You can start on the path to changing your life today.

Discover the extraordinary possibilities that Sanomentology gives you.