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Would you rather hear my voice than just read the words on this page?

I never wanted to be recognisable. The only reason I am active in the media is that I want as many people as possible to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Sanomentology.

Because I know how difficult it is to feel if you want to work with a particular expert. Sometimes it's easier to make a decision when you hear what he has to say live.

That's why here you will find some interviews I gave in the media. Let this help you decide whether it is worth trusting me and this amazing method you are considering.


Interview with Tee Liburd

Interview with New Yorks 30 Frames a Second.

Open Loops Podcast Interview

I was also invited to these places.

Unfortunately, the policy of these stations is that no one can share interviews they have given there on their own website.

But there is one more way to get to know me better.

Follow me on my social media. There I share my thoughts and perspective on the mind. And how it affects people's lives.

Or maybe you want to invite me to an interview with you?

Download this document. Here you will see on what terms I cooperate on these occasions.