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My Name is Martin Rothery

I’m the creator of Sanomentology. For over 38 years, I have studied theology, science, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), counseling, hypnotherapy, and many other modalities, searching for the truths that lie somewhere within them all.

Unfortunately, the world of therapy turned out to be an ideology and a dogma for me. Most experts believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. Still, most of these methods are based on the same principles. Principles that have barely evolved in the last 300 years.

These people train others how to work with vulnerable and desperate people. Without any real awareness of what they are doing and the damage they can cause. This realization and frustration lit a fire in me.


Therefore, I set myself the goal of creating the highest quality therapeutic intervention and method leading to change.

Delivering it to my clients. And training others to do the same, safely and ethically. As a result, I created and collected in one place a series of programs that allow me to help people in ways that were previously unavailable. Programs that provide results previously considered impossible. Now they are available to humanity.

And this mission is the basis of the Sanomentology series of programs.

Why is this important for me?

Because I want a world where people are free from pain and fear. And where they live the life they choose. In which they don’t have to do what they are forced to do, and are accustomed to doing for decades of their existence. And they think they will never be able to experience something better.

I want a world of freedom and prosperity for all my clients. I want to lead them all out of the cave of suffering and false beliefs. From the search for gurus who only lock them in more cages, into the sunlight of the possibilities that life offers. And I want them to achieve this by learning to use the extraordinary properties of their own mind. Not by falling into another ideology. Another frame.

And I know because I've seen it many times… That if they work with my processes and approach them with dedication and seriousness, they will achieve exactly what they want.

What are core values of Sanomentology?

The same as my personal values that have guided me for half a century of my life. They are simple, universal and important. Without them, achieving the results I achieve with Sanomentology would be impossible.


Without complete honesty, there can be neither effective teaching nor effective therapy. For me, honesty among my recipients is a sign of respect. Respect showed to me. But also to themselves. I couldn’t help clients who are not absolutely honest with me. I also couldn’t provide effective support to students who withhold important facts from me.


If dreams are not so big that they are scary, they are still too small. Only big dreams, seemingly impossible to achieve, led to the creation of the most groundbreaking inventions. And to create legendary stories worth telling. I don't believe that anything is impossible. There are just things we don't know how to accomplish yet. And that's it.


People stay in the prisons of their own minds, and when they get out, it's only to follow another guru. I don’t want to be your guru. My products give people freedom. They are not just another trap someone wants to lock you in. As long as you’re not stubbornly choosing your own enslavement, you will find here every tool you need to finally get away.


I abhor making money by cheating. I make only honest money while enabling my clients to achieve amazing results. When working with clients and teaching students, I always care about results. Big results. They may not always be as planned, but they often exceed expectations. And they are always what the client needs the most at this stage of their life. This is due to the efficient and content free way I work.


When you want to change your life, you need the courage to see yourself in the truth. Face what's inside you. Discover what is harmful to you. And get on the path to eternal self-discovery. Embrace what you see inside. And abandon what no longer serves you. Self-reflective people notice what needs to be worked with now. And thanks to this, they achieve the best results.

How did my life lead me to create Sanomentology?

I could tell you some strange facts from my life here. Like the fact that I'm distantly related to Ernest Hemingway. Because I am, indeed. I could continue the story about me for hours.

But for what? You are here because you want to help yourself. Or help your clients in the best way possible. So only things that are important to you from my life are these, which led to the creation of Sanomentology. So watch the film below. Here I will tell you that story.