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Martin Rothery

An ordinary man with an extraordinary mission.



I am Martin Rothery, and would like to welcome you to this site.

I am a man with a mission.

My interest has always been in the universe, seeking answers to the big (and small) questions. for over 38 years I have researched and pondered the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. I have studied theology, science, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, and much more, seeking the truths that lie somewhere across them all.

The problem with this type of research is that one question answered always leads to ten more questions.

Many of these questions lead back to the design and makeup of Human Beings, about what makes us tick.

Inevitably, this lead me to the world of therapy, especially Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, and Hypnotherapy.

And that's where I started to get pissed off!

As with many different arenas of knowledge, the therapy world has proved to me to be an ideology, a dogma. The majority believe they are right and everyone else is wrong, despite most of it being the same principles, principles that have barely advanced or evolved in the last 300 years.

And these people are training others to work with vulnerable and desperate people, with no real awareness of what they are doing, nor the damage they could cause.

This realisation and frustration sparked a fire inside me.

With my knowledge, my expanse of information from various disciplines, and my own determination, I made it my mission to create a single series of programs designed to bring skills that have been developed over millennia together into one place and to share that knowledge and use it to help people in ways that have been previously unavailable.

I made it my mission to create the ultimate in therapeutic intervention and change work. And to deliver it to my clients, and train others to do the same, safely and ethically.

And that mission is the root of the Sanomentology series of programs.


The Vision

My vision with regard to Sanomentology has multiple levels.

The first is about the clients, anyone that needs a bit of help solving an issue or realising a dream.

My vision here is that Sanomentology is the number one process people turn to. The word carries a conviction with it that the client is in safe and responsible hands, and that the outcome of the time with the Sanomentologist is the best outcome for all concerned. People look for Sanomentologists for both therapeutic interventions and to help instigate major change.

Whenever a person suffers, has fear, or doubt, or has lost their path in life, I want them to know that Sanomentology is here to help them.

The vision is to help them in the fastest, safest, and most effective way that suits them, whatever the issue.

The next level is that of the trainees.

Whether they train in Therapeutic Design, Magic and Miracles, or the full Apprenticeship Program, my delegates enjoy the trainings, absorb the knowledge delivered, and to be able to take that knowledge onward to have a rewarding career whilst at the same time helping others in miraculous ways.

I see a global community of Sanomentologists, all working independently, but with the same purpose and passion to help others.

The last level is a rather ambitious but realistic one (in terms of Magic and Miracles)

I see the effects of Sanomentology rolling out globally and they have a ripple effect that is changing the world in ways we could only dream of. As more and more people heal from their past and head toward their future with clarity and purpose, it will transmit the emotional states to those around them, becoming like a domino effect.

My Brand (and Personal) Values


Every one of us deserves respect. It is a core value behind the brand, and I will give respect to everyone, regardless of who they are. I also expect the same returned.


I love to hear all about people's dreams and desires. Whatever your dreams are, they are not big enough. Make them so big they scare you, and just imagine „What if...?”


The hardest prison to escape is the one built in your own mind. Its bars are formed from beliefs imposed by society, friends, family, and yourself. I will help to free you from this prison.


Honesty is of utmost importance when working with me. I'll be honest with you, I expect honesty back. But even more importantly, honesty, real honesty with yourself is a key element of any change.


I am all about results. Big ones. They may not always be as expected, but often they surpass expectations, but that's down to the effective and content-free manners in which I work.

It starts with a story

What is Sanomentology and why did I create it?

In short, I needed help. And it wasn't there.

My childhood was not the best. Growing up in the foster system, my mind was plagued with all sorts of issues. Abandonment, abuse, etc all programmed my mind for a life of woe, misery, and negativity.

As a teenager I developed chronic pain issues, anger issues, and despair bordering on recklessness. I was plagued with feelings of shame, inadequacy, guilt, isolation and more.

I was screwed.

But somewhere deep inside there was a spark. A spark of defiance that wouldn't settle for that life I seemed destined to live.

I knew there was more.

So I went on a journey, physically and metaphorically.

At 16 I packed up my life and abandoned everything I knew. With no money and no plan I stuck my thumb out and trusted the universe to show me my path.

I managed to get all the way to the island of Rhodes in Greece, where my physical journey kept me for a few years. However, my inner journey was just beginning.

I had already spent years studying the unknown, the esoteric, the unexplainable, and I knew deep inside there were answers somewhere. My own experience both before and during my travels had given me a taste of manifestation, and I was determined to delve into this world and find an alternative life.

I returned to England on my 21st birthday armed with an expanse of knowledge about people. I met so many people from all countries and walks of life during my time in Greece that I could see patterns and behaviours that linked them all.

But I still hadn't helped myself. I still suffered chronic pain, and although I had developed tolerance, my anger was still there, brimming under the surface. So I sought help. I tried multiple versions of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, and other natural ways to heal. And they all worked to some extent. But only for a short time. Nothing really gave me a long-term solution.

So I went back to the proverbial drawing board. I started to learn more about all the different methods and ideas that people used in these fields. And I went back to the roots, not the modern ones, but the ideas traced back to ancient civilisations. I also studied modern science. I had always been primarily science-minded, thriving in the subjects at school, so I looked at that element, delving into quantum physics, biology, brain science and more.

I started to see patterns. Links and similarities across all of the fields of science and metaphysics that seemed obvious to me, but eluded the fields of individual disciplines.

And in this period of learning, I started to realise that there was a whole world that was unfathomable to us. That there was so much more and we were only scratching the surface of possibilities open to us.

And more than that, I managed to root out my issues and problems, and deal with them once and for all. Pain disappeared, anger left me, and clarity and purpose took over.

So you would think my life got perfect then?

No. Absolutely not.

Because the second realisation in all of this was that life happens. And it's not all roses and sunsets.

Sometimes it is fireballs and storms.

However, I started to put together my ideas. To develop the roots of what was to become Sanomentology.

I opened my mind to the impossible and strived to make it possible. I looked at everything that was currently out there and methodically cleared the insane amount of bullshit that had been integrated with each new development of the basics. It was almost as if every new person in the field wanted to put their own mark, regardless of how useless it was, onto relatively successful methods.

I then took these cleaned-up and refined ideas and merged them with ways dating back thousands of years, along with tying them to modern theories of quantum mechanics, relativity, and other sciences.

What developed over the years, and continues to develop now, is not just therapy. It's a boundless way of life, where the only limits are the ones the user places on them, and even they get pushed out and expanded on. It clears the past, deals with the present, and prepares for the future.

And with regular use of the principle, what a future it can provide.

It won't necessarily make everything perfect, like I said life happens, but it will enable you to deal with whatever life throws at you and move forward with determination and ease toward that life you deserve.

Over the past few years, Sanomentology has developed into the most reliable method of dealing with the unconscious mind. That part that is behind every decision, every choice, every emotion, every pattern and repeat behaviour. The part that guides and creates your entire life.

It is the best way for you to resolve any issues, and achieve the life you really desire and deserve. This is my life's work, and I want everyone to experience it and see how much of a positive impact it can have.

So if you dare, if you are ready for that life deep inside, but you don't know how to get to it, then I invite you to try it today.

Who do I work with?

My session clients are made up of anyone who has issues in their lives. From dealing with single issues such as pain, addiction, anxiety, etc, to long-term life changes and advancement. Working globally over Zoom or in person, I will work with anyone who is serious and committed to the changes they wish to see.

Training clients are made up of a variety of people. To date, I have trained over 385 people across 7 continents. Trainees are made up of therapists, coaches, doctors, nurses, CEOs, copywriters, business leaders, police officers, and more. The skills and understanding covered across the Therapeutic Design and the Magic and Miracles program are helpful for many situations in many walks of life.


See how sanomentology can lead you to your change.