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Recorded Protocols

Do you have blocks in your path preventing you moving forward?

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Do you want to move forward, but keeping finding yourself in your own way?

You may be determined to be the best you can be or have all good intentions of evolving and progressing in life, yet find yourself becoming your own worst enemy.

Or you may find blockages in your own mind that prevent you from working to the best of your ability. Your own blocks or beliefs that stop you from working with certain clients. Or from charging a price that reflects your true value.

Issues such as non-deservedness, imposter syndrome, lack of self-belief, and other internal demons can be dream killers and goal destroyers.

Basically, you are stuck in a rut.

It's time for you to work on yourself, and clear the blocks, programs, and self-limitations you have within yourself.

It's all inside you!

There is nothing more powerful or magical in the universe than you.

Not crystals, not wands, not cards, not staffs, nothing!

Your destiny, your fate, your future, it is yours to decide, only you have that power.

You are the generator and the conduit, the beginning and the end, the ultimate creator, the Alpha and the Omega.

You just need to remember how......

Are you ready to remember?

Sanomentology: Recorded Audios can help you.

The Sanomentology: Recorded Audios is a set of recordings covering some of my most powerful protocols and process for personal use.

It has been created with you in mind. The series of Audio programs are strictly for personal use, and all you need to do is dedicate the time to listening to them.

As you work through them, you will find errant programs and issues start to resolve and delete themselves from your day-to-day life.

You will find more clarity, resolve, and passion. You will find those blockages shifting, allowing you to earn more, be more, and do more easily and effortlessly. You will start to take the actions needed to fulfill the life you desire, with that self-sabotage and procrastination a thing of the past.

If you want to attend the further Sanomentology trainings but find yourself unable to commit currently, then this is a great starting point. It will help you to do what you need to commit, while at the same time preparing you for the training when the time comes.

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How will this help more than other programs?

All of the audios included in the Sanomentology: Recorded Audio package are based upon the Therapeutic Design and Magic and Wizardry trainings. 

They are not just hypnotic scripts telling you to change or giving you a positive mental attitude. Most other programs or methods just scratch at the surface of the issues and problems, resulting in mild and often temporary results.

The Sanomentology protocols are created to give your own mind the freedom to resolve the problems from the roots. The Sanomentology: Recorded Audios package has everything you need to give your own unconscious mind the permission, freedom, and guidance to undo every negative program, resolve every problem, and promote health, wealth, and abundance.

What is in the recordings pack?

The recorded audios package includes a daytime and a nighttime version of:

  • Mind Mediation - a simple process to eliminate negative programs and chronic emotional and physical pain.
  • Inner Journey - The first experience of going inside your own mind on a journey that will allow you to solve everyday issues at a deeper level than basic thought.
  • GOSH - A relaxing session to remove unwanted negative emotions, and to place the body in the perfect state for healing.
  • T.I.M.E. - A deep all round session to introduce you to the deeper levels of consciousness and to work on more serious issues and problems.
  • BACUp - The Belief and Confidence Upgrade, designed to rebuild the levels of your self-belief and self-confidence.
  • LAF - Love and Fear program, designed to help you move past fears that may hold you back, and to operate from a level of love.
  • Connections - A deeper program designed to work at many different physical levels to promote healing and general well-being in all that surrounds you.
  • M.Y.D.A.S. - Manifest Your Dreams And Succeed, a program purposefully created to remove blocks and limiting beliefs, allowing you to work toward your goals and dreams with purposeful action.
  • Unity - A program to encourage a stronger connection between the conscious and unconscious mind.
  • Awakening - A process to enhance and encourage learning and remembering of skills and knowledge.
  • Breakout - A process to allow you to break out from your perceived reality and become one with consciousness, allowing you to fix much deeper issues from a different perspective.
  • The Ultimate Reality Change - A deep and powerful reality-changing program that promotes health, wealth, love, and abundance for you, and the world around you.

These audios are extremely effective for a whole host of issues that may hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals, however in cases of severe PTSD, childhood trauma-based issues, addictions, and other deeper and more personal issues, 1 on 1 sessions are recommended.

OK, I’m interested. What is involved?

Once you have purchased the package you will be sent a link to download the zip file containing all of the audios.

You can then play them on your phone, computer, or media player. The use of headphones is advised, and you must listen at times when you will not be disturbed and are not driving or using machinery.

There will be a specific order to listen to them for the first time, and after that, you can listen to them as often, and in whatever order you like.

The audios come in two versions, one that will wake you up at the end for daytime use, and one that will send you off to sleep, for bedtime use.

What will it cost me?

Sanomentology: Recorded Protocols is currently £970 for a complete set of recordings for personal use only.

You can also purchase the package on a 12-month subscription at £97 per month.



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Will it work for me?

Yes, but only if it is what you desire.

Despite what others may say, no one can force change on anyone else without their permission.

If you want the changes within you, there is only one question you can ask yourself.

Are you ready to make the best purchase you will ever make?

Sanomentology will help you in ways other therapies and self-help programs cannot reach.